Fieldnotes 5

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized


Regarding the Building:

The building is located on 10th street, Greenville North Carolina. The exterior is unimposing, if a bit confusing. There are at least four doors, and neither of the ones that face actual streets will get you into the building. INstead, one has to go into the side door. One of the entrances puts you directly next to the Campus MInister (John Ridley)’s office, while the other will dump you directly into the main meeting room. The larger main room is usually open, though thursdays the floorspace is occupied by Chairs set up for the Evolve worship service, and Mondays it’s taken up by several tables for the weekly meal. There are two flags on the wall, an American and Brazilian flag. When asked, one of the BCM members told me that they apparently support missions/missionaries/a Church in Brazil, and that’s their way of showing constant support.

There’s a small stage area at the front of the room, and a sound booth in the rear corner.


The building is…odd. Not necessarily a bad thing; it has a very homey feel to it, and in general I feel like this may be contributory to the friendliness of the BCM members. The stage and sound booth are really difficult to notice unless the room is set up for the Worship service, which says something, I’m just not entirely sure what yet (it’s quite possible that this is a holdover from the homey feel mentioned earlier). IN general, I feel like the eclectic but welcoming vibe that the building gives off is definitely a major aspect of the BCM, and I’m going to try to incorporate it into my final draft.


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