Fieldnotes 4

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized


Here on site for one of the Monday night meals.

Several of the groups seen and noted in fieldnotes 3 are still present, though I’m seeing a significant amount of overlap between the cliques.

Spoke to a few new people this time, and confirmed the overall friendliness trend. Still haven’t found someone who has been unwilling to talk.

The same room for the Worship service is used for the meal, which is interesting. The tables are set up “Lunch room style”, with four long tables running parallel  across the room.

Topics of conversation with the people I spoke to varied from daily lives at ECU to our past experiences with school, Religion, and other people in general.


Generally, this meeting helped confirm a lot of my initial suspicions about the group, in that the cliques present are not hard and fast, though they do exist, possibly making for an interesting parallel between the BCM and Christianity as a whole.

AS stated before, the Overall Friendliness Trend was at least partially confirmed here, seeing several new individuals exhibit the same ridiculous level of openness as seen in my initial encounters.

The conversations I had helped frame a lot of what I’m expecting to write about, including a few of the reasons why it’s perceived that Christianity simply isn’t compatible with College. Further independent research will need to be done, but in general I think I may have a working theory in development.


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