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Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Greetings! My name is James Hoover and at the time of this post I as a Freshman at East Carolina University, taking an English 1200 Service Learning section. I chose the topics presented in these projects because I have some sort of link or interest in the both of them. For the Black Schools Project, I’ve always had an interest in the United States Political system, so the notion that there was a period of time in which a State government was able to spit in the eye of the Supreme Court was intriguing. Combined with the fact that this evasion was in regards to one of the biggest decisions of the United States Supreme Court (Brown v. Board of Education), and I had a topic which I could not resist.

The topic of my ethnography had a deeply personal link. Being raised Baptist I was more than aware of the preconception that the majority of the time going to college would result in some sort of looming conversion to Atheism. The thought that I might have an opportunity to put a nail in the coffin of this horrifically persistent idea was simply too appealing to pass up.

This blog is separated into three tags: “Black Schools Project”, “Ethnography”, and “DW”. As this page was originally created to showcase work done over the course of an academic semester at East Carolina University, some of the posts include incomplete drafts, notes, and content that has not been polished for public consumption. These posts will be marked with the tag “Unpolished.”

The “Black Schools Project” tag refers to the various stages of a semester long endeavor to catalogue the Pearsall Plan, and it’s relevance to the state of North Carolina Public Schools in a Post-Brown v. Board environment. The ultimate product is a Prezi presentation that contains the background, formation, and overturn of the Pearsall Plan, which has been designed for public consumption and redistribution in the hope that education of the tactics used to prolong segregation may be used in the future to prevent or shorten similar incidents.

The “Ethnography” tag indicates the various bits of work towards creating a Mini-ethnography of the Baptist Campus Ministry on the East Carolina University campus, conducted in the hopes of disproving the notion that spirituality on college campuses is largely limited to atheists and agnostics, creating a notion of a horrible sort of spiritual monogamy.

The DW tag refers to those writing exercises performed either as homework or classwork that contributed in some way towards achieving and maintaining an ethnographic perspective for the course of this class. While many of these are not directly related with either the Black Schools Project or the Ethnography, strains of these exercises can be seen within both.

Technical aspects aside, I hope you find the content of this blog to be enjoyable, easy to read, informative, and an overall pleasant experience, and I invite you to not only read, but leave comments for future consideration. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my work!


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